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I couldn’t help but feel a little depressed all of December.  The end of the year was upon me and I felt I had nothing to show for it.  I have a blog I barely wrote for, which nobody reads any way.  I had spent all of November and December trying to get a “real job” and failing miserably.  I had to ask my parents for a loan–again.  And it wasn’t helping that someone at Facebook decided to make a stupid, gimmicky, 2014 “Look how much cooler my year was than yours” slideshow nonsense that we could show off to all of our friends.

I’m looking down the barrel to another year working as a glorified cabby, and continually making less and less for it.  I’m 32, living with roommates, no tangible life accomplishments and no job prospectus whatsoever.  While 2014 was still better than 2013, there’s still A LOT of room for improvement.  So instead of looking back at the year that was, I choose to look ahead and–to borrow a phrase from my roommate, friend and EVR1 Institute founder Brandon uses all the time–set my intentions.

Last year I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do and where I was headed.  That has since solidified… some.  My constant problem is that I’m always pulled in five directions at once.  I want to invent something, I want to write, I want to sing, I want to dance, I want a real job.  When I try to divide my attention equally across all of those things, nothing happens.  I either have to give up on some of those things, or get some discipline.  And since I’m no quitter, 2015 will be the year of discipline.

At first I thought I would suck it up stick with Uber, but driving for New Year’s Eve last night was abysmal.  I can take the stress of driving for Uber if I know I’ll be earning a good wage.  But my take-home keeps shrinking the longer I work for them, and it’s becoming harder to justify keeping it up.

It was also a huge bummer to sink the better part of of two months writing cover letters and refiguring resumes; applying to countless jobs and coming up with nothing.  While I will continue the job search, there will be some clear boundaries set so I don’t get my hopes too high.  And this way I’ll still have time left over to work on the writing I want to do.

I was most surprised by how upset I was that my blog was not more developed.  I was proud of myself for actually building it last year, but then I never really committed to making it fly.  I thought of it more as the “hobby” that I would do in the meantime while I worked on figuring out whatever it was I was working towards.  That hobby has become this year’s goal.  By the end of the year, this blog is going to fly.

One of the ways this will happen is with your help–if you feel so inclined that is.  I’ve signed up for an account with Patreon and I’m asking for one dollar per blog post.  You’ll see the link to my Patreon account beneath each post going forth.  This will also help encourage me to commit to posting one article each week.

I’ve set a goal of $1000 dollars per blog post before I take ads down.  I realize that’s A LOT of money.  Patreon wanted a number when I signed up, so I gave them a number.  Shoot for the moon, right?  If your New Year’s resolution was to support the arts, consider starting with me!  I can assure you, 100% of the proceeds will go towards a starving artist…

Time and money permitting, I have a new invention I will be working on developing this year. The goal is to make that be a real thing people can purchase by Thanksgiving–just in time for the holiday rush.  (Of course, my subscribers will get one for free!  If you want one, that is.  You might think it’s a stupid idea.  Or worse yet… don’t drink coffee!  Seriously, how do you people operate?!)  More on what my crazy new idea is in the coming weeks.  I’ll kick this year off with a recap of last year’s invention and what happened… and didn’t happen.  Which will require your participation as well!

I sincerely wish all the best to everyone in 2015.  I’m looking forward to a new year and making this one better than last.  It’s both exciting and daunting to have so much control over my life.  But then again, that’s why I chose this path in the first place.

Happy New Year!


[Authors note: I’ve deleted all Patreon links to my blog, as there was no true integration and I wasn’t pleased with slapping on a link at the end.]

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