The conclusion of Kale Stemmer

If anyone has read all three posts of the Kale Stemmer process they probably could have imagined the inevitable outcome with relative accuracy.  The short answer is, someone beat me to it.

Apparently if you drag your feet, lack focus and discipline; someone not only beats you to market with your idea, but makes a much better version of it.  I guess it’s only fitting my mother found it at a Bed, Bath and Beyond gave it to me as a stocking stuffer last year.  I can only suppose this was an attempt at humor.  (I kid, I love and appreciate my mother very much.)

I give you, the Looseleaf:

Looseleaf BackLooseleaf Back











The design is on point: slick, easy, straight forward.  You could easily have this 3D printed.  I’m sure it costs pennies to make.  A quick search on Amazon revealed that this piece of plastic retails for $7.95. Certainly enough to go around to make Chef’n and the inventor quite happy.  Or whatever arrangement was worked out.

I hope whomever’s idea the Looseleaf was, it made them a nice chunk of change.  I will say, however, the “Stem-sational” was the superior name.

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4 years ago

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  1. Reason I don’t like this item once you line up stem to appropriate hold pull it through in the same amount of time you have more stems done by Hand . I use kale and chard on a regular basis and spend time cutting the thickest part of the stems from the leaves.

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