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A good friend of mine has a dog, Lola, and lives in a building with four other condos.  Three of the four other tenants also have dogs–so there are a lot of doggies running around at any one time.  In case you’re unfamiliar with the size of a condo in San Francisco, it’s not very big; in fact I believe my friend has the smallest place–in the entire city.  A long with the other tenants, he’ll let his dog out into the back yard to run around.  Which is less the backyard of my childhood in small-town California than an enclosed paved area with a couple planters.  And by running around, I mean in circles about ten feet in diameter.

Trouble started brewing when the neighbor who had lived there the longest started stirring up dust because my friend would leave Lola outside all day to run laps while he was at work.  I guess she would bore of this after a while and would walk up the stairs and pay this neighbor a visit, which freaked her out.  Apparently closing her door is not an option, because then her dogs can’t go outside.

What these people need, are doggy doors.  But not just any doggy door, because then all the doggies would figure out they still had access to all of the apartments.  The doggy doors need to to open only for that dog.  Lola would wear a special collar, or fob-tag that would be activated when she stands next to her door.  The door would recognize the tag and let her in.  If she stands next to a neighbors door, it would recognize that she is not wearing the right tag and remain closed.  If Lola leaves the house, the door would lock, not permitting other dogs (or unwanted animals) in.

Sure enough, this idea is too good to not have been invented already.  After searching online, I found this, which is pretty much exactly what I described.  However, I think there’s room for improvement.  What if you already have a dog door installed and just want to make it smart?  Someone could create the electronic component that could be added to any dog door similar to this, which could be used a number of places (scroll down for helpful instructional DIY video).  Just replace the button with the fob-tag, unless your pet has opposable thumbs.

I also wanted to reference this, just has an awesome site.  Of course, something called “hi-tec” woulc still look like it was designed fifteen years ago…

Anyway, my friends problem is solved!  All I need to do now is convince him and all of his neighbors to install one.  And pick up after their dogs.

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