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A friend forward me this article yesterday.  Full disclosure: I drive for Uber and Sidecar.  (Sorry Lyft, I just can’t get over the fuzzy pink mustache… and ornery sign up process.)  I have normal insurance, and I’m pretty sure I said that my job was a “driver,” however, I didn’t specifically mention that I drove for any ride-share companies.  This may come back to bite me in the hiney, but I’m a gambling woman.

Aside from being a reminder that I should drive as safely as possible, it also seemed like a huge business opportunity.  Someone needs to step up and create an insurance company specifically for ride-share drivers!

There’s a huge need for it, think of how many drivers there are for Lyft, Uber and Sidecar in the bay area alone, much less in the cities they’re expanding too.  Plus, isn’t insurance is the ultimate pyramid scheme?  Okay, maybe that’s not quite right, but people will give you money every month regardless of whether or not they get into an accident.

I’m willing to bet that ride-share drivers are a better gamble to insure again for a number of reasons: they have a perfect stranger in their car, they’re comfortable enough with knowing their way around that they want to drive perfect strangers there, and they’ll only become more experienced the more they drive!

Could someone please jump on this fast?  While I am a gambling woman, it’s always nice to hedge my bets.  All I need is a (heavily monied) forward thinking person to jump on this and make it happen.  Only then will all of the huge, hulking insurance companies realize that they’re missing out on an opportunity for screwing us out of our hard earned money.

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8 years ago


  1. GREAT idea! I saw that same article and recently started driving for Sidecar myself. It makes me nervous, the whole insurance thing, but I, too, am taking the gamble. I’m laser focused on starting my own business so I can’t take on this particular challenge, but it is a fabulous idea and I would be highly supportive (and a customer!). Thanks for putting this out there.

    PS ~ I have the same feeling about the fuzzy pink mustache 🙂

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