Veggie Bins

I pride myself on my resourcefulness.  When I moved into my apt in Berkeley, it came with a broken refrigerator.  Specifically, the bottom shelf that the two crisper bins slide into had broken in half.

My roommate had jimmy-rigged together a fix for the shelf with a piece of plywood cut to size, but it did not have the sliders the bins needed to stay in place.  So not only was there a lot of room at the bottom of fridge not being utilized, there was no crisper bins to keep all the veggies I eat in a week fresh.  (And if you kept up with the Stem-sational saga parts 1, 2, 3 and ultimate conclusion, you’ve probably already ascertained I eat a lot of vegetables.)

So I made my own!  I discovered that these craft boxes, (available at most craft stores), perfectly fit a paper grocery bag in the bottom if I cut the top off, as well as fitting into the space in the bottom of our refrigerator.

The paper bag is key, it will absorb any excess water on the veggies and/or gasses given off by the veggies, while not letting all the moister escape the bin.  I was able to store fresh veggies I bought at my local farmers market up to two weeks and sometimes longer depending upon the vegetable!  When the paper liner starts getting moldly or otherwise beyond it’s usefulness, simply toss and cut off a new paper bag!

Now that I live in a apartment with a complete fridge, I almost miss my little veggie bins since the irregular shape of the crisper would take more effort than I’m willing to expend to cut and line with paper bag.

Veggie Bin Closed Veggie Bin Open

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