Metal Work Desk

I’ve never been in a position in my life where I’ve had a lot of expendable income.  Because of that, when I see something I like–usually expensive–my first instinct is usually, “I can make that.”

In this case I needed a work desk and I had been oogling the brightly colored metal three drawer filing cabinet at CB2 that has since become a staple in their collection with a new color scheme every year.

I looked around on Craigslist and was happy to find that several people were selling old metal desks; some giving them away, if I was willing to drive to them.  (Which, I was.)  Believe it or not, this hunk of metal (barely) fits into a Golf hatchback with the seats folded down.  Luckily the legs can screw off and and on again, otherwise I would have been…

Front upside down Back Upside Down







After a lot of heavy lifting, de-webbing, priming and painting, I ended up with a bright, shiny, new-to-me desk:

Finished Front

The bottom right drawer looks a little different because I was playing around with the glitter spray paint to see if I liked it or not.  Conclusion: glitter spray paint is for crafts.  🙁

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