Kitchen Bench Cushion

One of my favorite past times is perusing a good flea market.  Alameda had one of the best, on the first Sunday of the month.  It was too big to get through in an entire day–even if you did wake up at the crack of dawn and pay 3 times more for the early entry.

I was nowhere near that serious, but I did prefer to by furniture 2nd hand; as did my good friend and roommate who happened to accompany me on this particular trip to find some benches for our kitchen.  We were both taken by sleek, mid-century, possibly Danish, coffee table.  It was solid enough to double as a bench and the lip around the edge lent itself nicely for holding a cushion.  I just needed to sew it.

Cushion FabricLuckily, quirky Berkeley has a store devoted almost solely to selling foam. So finding the cushion part of the cushion wasn’t a problem.  The same friend also helped to settle on the fabric, a process which consisted of my texting her photos from the fabric store and her texting back her approval from work.

Zipper EndUsing the dimensions of the cushion, I had the fabric cut and then free-hand sewed the cover, which is why the corner doesn’t quite match up.  I should also mention my room was a little small so it was hard to properly spread out.  So while this is a little sloppier than I’d like, I also wasn’t willing to spend more than the few hours I did whipping it together.

Considering I was going to hide the zipper end in the corner I wasn’t too concerned.  However, I did discover that if I wanted the side with zipper to face the wall, it meant on the opposite side of the cushion, the end seam was facing up instead of down which would have hid it.  All in all, I was happy with the end product, but moral of the story is: if you’re going to free-hand a project, be extra diligent with the planning before!

Bench Cushion

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