Every now and then I like to put my money where my mouth is and actually create a couple projects I envision for myself.  Here are the most recent:

Summer 2011: Sewed Maid of Honor dress for my sister’s wedding.

Spring 2012: First attempt at creating and selling my own product: reusable produce bags.

January 2014: My first attempt at creating one of my inventions, the saga of Stem-sational: Parts 1,2,3 and epilogue.

March 2014: McGyvered Veggie Bins

April 2014: Free-hand sewed the cushion cover for the kitchen bench in my apartment

May 2014: Spray painted an old metal desk

June 2015: Victorian Party Dress for chateau warming party

December 2015: fMRI Decoration for children’s study at UCSF

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