Idea Person

I’m an idea person.  That is, I have a great imagination and a terrible work ethic.  What finally motivated me to start putting text-to-Google-Doc was after two of my friends launched successful blogs: Bike Pretty and the 50 Jobs Project.  Yes, it was jealousy.

I’m great at thinking up ideas and then letting them soar away on the wings of procrastination,  lack of motivation, or otherwise let them sink down to earth with the realization that it is in fact too crazy to work.  I figure it’s a shame to let all of this inspiration go to waste, especially when the streets of SF are seething with wantrepreneurs.  With so many people wanting to create the next big thing, I figured I’d help them out!

I feel like people try so hard to “think out of the box” that it has become circumscribed.  Be that as it may, it’s always where I excelled–for better or worse.  So instead of trying too hard to make the next noun-r or adjective-ly, you can create my amazing, mind-blowing, or just plain ridiculous ideas.  I give you free license!  Unless you’re actually successful.  Then I’ll take stock, please. 🙂

Since Twitter insists on trampling my freedom by creating character limits for handles, you’ll just have to follow me: @EmmaRebekah.  I henceforth will tag everything with #SoCrazyItCouldWork.

Thanks for reading, and I hope if nothing else that you are entertained!


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